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About Bloggerz Arena And It’s Founder Aquif Shaikh

Welcome to BloggerzArena – A Blog that will help you simplify the entire Blogging Process and make the most out of your blog

I am Aquif Shaikh, a professional blogger from Mumbai, India and the face behind BloggerzArena and a few other blogs including Blogging Ocean and Freelance Biz.

What Is BloggerzArena?

BloggerzArena is your simplified guide to blogging. I started Bloggerz Arena back in December 2015 covering topics ranging from Blogging Tips, SEO, Web Hosting And Make Money Online.

However, over a period of time, I slowly moved most of the content to my other blogs. All the blogging, SEO, and web hosting related content was first moved to Blogging Ocean. Later, I started a new blog FreelanceBiz and move the remaining content in the Make Money Online niche there. Thus BloggerzArena became obsolete and was just redirecting to my other blogs.

However, towards the end of 2019, I thought of reviving BloggerzArena and occasionally updating it with useful content with the aim to diversifying my income source as much as I can.

About Aquif Shaikh, The Founder Of BloggerzArena

Aquif ShaikhAs you know by now, I am Aquif Shaikh and I am the founder of this blog, BloggerzArena. I am a professional blogger from Mumbai with expertise in Blog SEO, especially Keyword Research,

I have completed my schooling from Baroda after moving to Mumbai where I Completed my Bachelors Of Engineering in Production. After my graduation, I had the opportunity of working in various Industries including Technical Marketing and Manpower Recruitments before starting my own Blog.

As of now, I am concentrating mainly on Blogging with plans to expand my horizon to providing Digital Services and SaaS-based products.

You may also get in touch with me at LinkedInTwitter, and follow my Blog at Facebook