Top 8 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals of 2017

Are you looking out for the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday Hosting Deals For 2017? If that is a yes, your search ends here as in this post I will be covering all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Web Hosting offers of 2017.

If you are lazy like me to read the whole article you can go through the featured deals to quickly get the most awesome Black Friday Discounts.

Featured Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Web Host




Deal Status

Deal Link

A2 Hosting Logo

Shared Hosting



23 Nov to 27 Nov

VPS Hosting



23 Nov to 27 Nov

Reseller Hosting



23 Nov to 27 Nov

BlueHost Logo

All Products

70% (Expected)

Link Based Offer

Not Announced

Cloudways Hosting Logo

All Servers

20-25% (Expected)

Not Announced

Not Announced

SiteGround Hosting Logo

All Products

70% Discount

Link Based Offer

24 Nov  to 27 Nov

Interserver Hosting Logo

All Products

50% (Expected)

Link Based Offer

Not Announced

Namecheap Logo

All Products

Up to 98% (Expected)

Hourly Flash Sales

24 Nov and
27 Nov

WP Engine Logo

Black Friday Deal

35% Discount


22 Nov to 30 Nov

Pre Cyber Weekend Deal

$600 Off First Month


Live - Pre Black Friday Deal

Hostgator Logo

All Products

50% Regular Sale
80% Flash Sale

Multiple Coupons

23 Nov to 28 Nov

Black Friday is the time of the year when you get insane offers from all the major web hosting companies. Almost all hosting companies extend the sale up to Cyber Monday.

Most bloggers and small businesses make purchase during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to get huge discounts and save money. Below are the top reasons you too should follow their suite.

Removed Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal as they have confirmed that they are not offering any discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Also, removed GoDaddy Black Friday Deal as they are highly unlikely to provide any special Black Friday discounts either.

Why To Get Web Hosting During Black Friday

  • Almost all the companies provide their best discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Your Annual hosting plan expires around the same time every year and so you get discounts every time.
  • If you are starting a new blog, along with hosting, you also get discounts on Themes and Plugins.

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2016, some of the Web Hosting companies provided discounts as high as 98%. I know that is hard to believe and sounds outright crazy. But, trust me, it's for real.

All the web hosting companies come up with their best offers during this time of the year. So let us find out what are the Best Web Hosting Offer this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Note: As of now, only few companies have revealed their Black Friday Offer for 2017. Instead of misguiding my readers by updating previous year's offer, I chose to update this article with necessary information as and when it is available.

Best Cyber Monday & Black Friday Hosting Deals 2017

Below are the best hosting deals from the top Web Hosting companies that you can grab this Black Friday.

1. A2 Hosting Black Friday Coupons

A2 hosting is known in the web-hosting industry for their fast SSD based servers that will make your website load really fast. The fast server are backed by quick and decent customer support.

The basic Lite plan is quick and at par with any good hosting, if not better. However, their Turbo plan that comes with more server resources and A2 Optimized Turbo cache can make your website load faster than any other shared hosting company.

If you already have a website and planning to switch hosts, A2 hosting will also provide you free migration of your website. They also offer free website staging with all their plans. This is especially beneficial if you have a live site and you want to make sure your website looks perfect after the transfer before changing your DNS.

This Black Friday, A2 Hosting is offering Discount on their Shared Hosting, Managed and Core VP and also Reseller hosting. The A2 Hosting Black Friday sale will be active from 00:00 hours on 23rd November 2017 through 23:59 hours on 27th November 2017 CST time.

Below are the details of the A2 Hosting sale

Hosting Type


Coupon Code

Deal Link

Shared Hosting



Managed And Core VPS



Reseller Hosting



2. Bluehost Black Friday Offer

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the web hosting industry. Several top bloggers use and recommend Bluehost. 

The reason most people hosting their blog on WordPress prefer Bluehost is because it is officially recommended by WordPress. So they have customer support that are specifically trained to handle WordPress related queries.

Though I am not a fan of any companies owned by the EIG brand, Bluehost being one of them, I must admit, a lot of people are using Bluehost without any problems.

Bluehost is yet to reveal the deals for their Black Friday Hosting Sale. However, last year Bluehost was offering 80% discounts on their shared hosting. The discount was available as Flash sale over the period of 4 days.

The BlueHost Black Friday Hosting Deal for 2017 is expected to be similar to last year. We will update it as soon as we get more information about it.

3. Cloudways Black Friday Coupon

Cloudways is relatively new to the web hosting industry. In fact, they are not exactly a web hosting company, as they do not have web hosting servers of their own. Cloudways rather helps you manage Cloud servers from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, and Kyup.

Unlike Serverpilot and some other companies who are into server management services, Cloudways also procures servers from Digital Ocean on your behalf so you do not have to worry about managing two vendors.

CloudWays is very popular among professional web-developers. The main reason developers prefer Cloudways over other hosting companies is their ability to optimize the servers with best configuration.

Their technical expertise is backed up with an awesome customer support which is arguably the best in the hosting industry outshining several premium hosting companies that are twice as costly as Cloudways.

Like any other hosting company, Cloudways too offer special discounts during Black Friday Sale. The last time around, Cloudways was offering discounts of 25% for 3 months period. However this time I am expecting them to come up with better discounts to match the discounts of other hosting companies.

4. SiteGround Black Friday Deal

SiteGround is well-known in the web hosting industry for their awesome customer support. Like Bluehost, they are also officially recommended by WordPress. 

Like A2 hosting, SiteGround also provides SSD based servers. Though Siteground may not be as fast as A2 hosting, it is certainly faster than some other competitors. 

SiteGround offers Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Although I am not a fan of Joomla, if you need it, SiteGround also offers Joomla Hosting. It is one of the very few hosting companies for which negative reviews are hard to find.

For this year's Black Friday Sale, SiteGround is offering 70% flat discount on all their shared hosting products and is scheduled for 4 days.

The SiteGround Black Friday sale will go live on Friday, November 24, 2017 at 00:00 A.M. CET. It will end on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 09:00 A.M. CET

Unfortunately, the sale is not extended to their other products. So if you are planning for Cloud Services, you can consider CloudWays and for Reseller Hosting, you can consider getting the A2 Hosting Black Friday offer

5. Interserver Black Friday Deal

Interserver is another lesser known web hosting provider which provides awesome products at affordable price. They are one of the few web hosting companies which are not owned by EIG or GoDaddy.

Unlike other web hosting companies, Interserver does not overload their server with too many accounts. According to the company, they use their servers only to 50% capacity. So, in case of sudden traffic spikes, your website has extra resources at disposal and hence it can safely handle the traffic without crashing.

The best thing about Interserver is their price lock guarantee. The price at which you register their hosting will be locked till the time you host with them. This, even if in future they decide to hike their server prices.

Like others, Interserver too offers special Black Friday Web Hosting discounts. During the previous Black Friday's sale, Interserver was offering web hosting with 50% off their regular prices. However, this special discount does not come under price lock guarantee and is a one time discount.

6. Namecheap Black Friday Deal

Namecheap is known in the web hosting industry for domain registrations. However, few people know that they do provide good solid hosting products.

As the name suggests, their hosting products are cheap even without discounts. However, their products are certainly not of cheap quality. They provide solid hosting with good customer support.

Last year, Namecheap shook the web hosting industry by offering the Best Black Friday Web Hosting discount ever offered by any Web Hosting company.

They offered discounts up to 91% on web hosting in their hourly flash sales. Their basic hosting offer was sold at just $0.88 per year. Well, that's not a typing error, indeed the price was less than $1 per year. The discounts on some domain extensions were even higher at 98%. Even the related products like SSL were available for similar pricing.

Going by their previous year's success, I am expecting them to have a similar kind of offer this year. This year Namecheap will be running the Namecheap Black Friday Sale only for 24 hours on 23 November 2017 and Namecheap Cyber Monday Sale for 24 hours on 27 November 2017

However, like the previous year, Namecheap has not disclosed any offers. In fact they don't even disclose it on the day of Black Friday. Rather, they only show the current offer and the offer for the next hourly flash sale.

They probably do this to create an element of surprise. But that means you have to keep checking their website at regular intervals

7. WP Engine Cyber Weekend Offer

WP Engine provides premium Managed WordPress products. They are not cheap by any means and cater to only people who are concerned about quality products along with near perfect customer support.

Their support team is specially trained to troubleshoot issues related to WordPress. So if you do not mind spending few extra bucks to get the peace of mind, WP Engine would be the perfect choice for you.

For the year 2017, WPEngine is offering a discount of 35% during the WPEngine Black Friday sale. This turns out to be Whopping $1369 off their Annual Business hosting plan. The Discounts will be much higher for their Premium and Enterprise plan.

The WPEngine Black Friday sale will be running for a week starting on 22nd November 2017 and covering both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It will end on 30th November 2017

However, if you are planning to purchase WP Engine today. they are currently offering a Pre-Black Friday Deal which can get you $600 off your first month Bill. So you can get free Business plan for the first month.

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. This offer works with all the plans including Enterprise plan. So Grab this offer now.

8. Hostgator Black Friday Discount

Hostgator is another popular hosting company owned by EIG group. Like Bluehost, it is being widely recommended by top Bloggers. Again, to be fair to my readers, I've heard some very negative reviews about Hostgator.

However, since I have never used their services, I may not be the right person to comment on it. I personally will never use Hostgator because of their negative reviews.

If you still want to buy hosting from Hostgator, you can go ahead and avail their Black Friday Hosting offer which is available at throwaway prices.

Hostgator is offering discounts ranging from 65% to 85% this Black Friday. The sale will start on 23 Nov 2017 at 12 am CT and will continue till 28 Nov 2017 at 23:59 hours CT.

The regular discount during the period will be 65% off their regular price. However, Hostgator will be running flash sales at Regular intervals each day during which the discounts will be increased to 80%.

The discount applies on all their hosting products including Shared Hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated server as well as VPS accounts

Final Words

With the Best Black Friday Web Hosting deals, you can buy hosting servers at throw away prices. Most bloggers start make purchase during this time of the year to get huge discounts.

If you too are planning to start a new blog or planning to switch from Blogger To WordPress or want to switch hosting companies, this is the best time for you.

I hope you find these Black Friday Web Hosting discounts to be useful. 

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Mashood Bukhari - November 16, 2017

Hello there,

So how are you, very nice details, Just a small question brother, Do they offer these big discounts on VPS Hosting. Would you be kind enough to pls let know that.

Thanks a log


    Aquif Shaikh - November 16, 2017

    Hi Mashood. Hostgator and Bluehost do offer high discounts on their VPS, but as I said, I generally do not recommend either of them. If you are comfortable with Manage Cloud Solutions, I would highly recommend you to try Cloudways. They are cheap and since they provide Managed servers from the likes of DO, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and GCP, you can expect solid uptime.

    If you have any specific needs or if you need VPS from any specific company, do let me know, I’ll see if there’s going to be an offer for the same.


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