Future Of Blogging- Your Key To Success Or A Passing Trend?

The world thinks of us as fools. For them Blogging is just a hobby, a way to express your ideas and feelings. Tell them you left your Job to be  professional blogger and  they will laugh you off.  Let people say what they want. Fact is, they are ignorant about the Future of Blogging . They still think the world is too small and they have seen enough of it. But the fact remains that Blogging can earn you much more than what you could imagine earning in next five years with your regular 9-6 Job.

Future Of Blogging

There are many Bloggers in India who are earning more than 1 Lakh Rupees per month. And the Rest of the word outperforms India by a long way when it comes to Blogging. Amit Agarwal who own the blog Labnol.org, makes a whooping $60,000 per month. This is around 3.7 million  Indian Rupees per month.

Around the globe things are even better. Michael Arrington of the Famous TechCrunch.com earns around $5,00,000 – $8,00,000 per month. So you can only imagine how much Scope Blogging Industry has as of today.  And from hereon this trend is not going to go anywhere but upwards.

Future Of Blogging: A Growing Trend

What would you do if you wanted a recipe to cook a dish for lunch? Would you hook up to your favorite cooking channel hoping they would telecast something you want or would you buy a Recipe book for few hundred bucks only to realize the recipes in it does not excite your taste bud?

Of-course neither of them. Rather you will try to find it over internet and end up reading a recipe from a fellow blogger giving him opportunity to earn. Same holds true for finding other information. You are probably reading my blog because you needed information about Future of Blogging.

So the question now is are you too late to realize this? Ofcourse not, blogging is still in its early stages, especially in countries like India where freelancing is still frowned upon and considered for people who could not get a 9-5 job. There are people who don’t even know what a blog is.

However, with the digitization of world, things are changing and changing really fast. We all know, in the next 5 years everything is going to get online. More and more people are going to get hooked on to internet for reading news or learning recipes or shopping or getting any random information. These people will need resources to get the exact information they need and this is when bloggers who establish themselves right now to rank up at google search engines will make it big.

Remember, everyone follows the trend, but if you want to be successful, you should lead the trend. And this is the right time if you want to make a career in blogging and be your own boss.

Of course earning money has never been easy and with increased competition, it is getting more and more difficult. Blogging is no exception. There is nothing like a free lunch. You surely need to put all your efforts and time to be a successful blogger.

With more and more people switching to blogging, it is getting difficult with every passing day to get yourself to the first page of google. And even the ones who manages to get there finds it difficult to hold on to their readers.

To survive in this ever-changing industry, you need to update your blog with latest, interesting and unique stuff to keep people coming back to you, expecting something new and helpful. This needs research hours of research before penning down your thoughts.

However, unlike other career options, with blogging, this research can be made interesting by writing about things you love. In fact, blogging can  help you relieve your stress. This is something i personally experienced. And all this comes with big cheques. What else can one ask for?

Am sure most of you must be curious about Blogging by now, but must be confused about “How” and “Where” to start from, what topics to cover, how to create & host your Blog and how exactly bloggers make money. I’ve written a very informative about How To Set Up Your Blog From Scratch . Am sure you will definitely love it

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What do you think is the Future of Blogging ? Is it a good full-time career option or just a passing trend? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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