Are CAPTCHA Typing Jobs Legit or Scam?

CAPTCHA Typing Jobs are very popular in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, etc. This is mainly because they are easily available and do not require any skills. However, the biggest question is, Are CAPTCHA Typing Jobs legit?

I would say CAPTCHA Typing Jobs are just a scam. But some very popular Freelancing Websites continue to promote it either for their own vested interests or out of ignorance.

However, at Bloggerz Arena, I not only believe in guiding my readers to find Legitimate Methods Of Making Money Online but to make them vary about the scams on the world wide web. That is the reason I wrote this article to let my readers know about CAPTCHA Scam.

Now before you hit the back button on your browser and start searching for Legit CAPTCHA Typing Jobs, I request you to please read this article through the end, and you will know why I consider CAPTCHA Typing Jobs to be a scam.

Firstly let us understand what CAPTCHA is and how do CAPTCHA typing websites make money.


CAPTCHA is the text or image verification you are asked to enter by certain websites to filter out bots from Human. They are mainly used to prevent hackers from automatically creating multiple sign-ups to a website using automated scripts or “Bots”. Free CAPTCHA Typing Jobs

How Does CAPTCHA Typing Work?

For those who don’t know, Email Accounts are sold for a big amount in the gray market. These Email accounts are generally used by marketing companies for sending spam emails to your account.

Manual creations of Email accounts in bulk would be very difficult and economically not viable. So the sellers of these Email ID’s create an automated script which fills up all the required details in Email Signup form. However, they are unable to fill up one thing, i.e., CAPTCHA. This is because these automated scripts cannot read CAPTCHA like humans do.

But, as they say, there is a workaround for everything. To bypass CAPTCHA, hackers write another script which captures the CAPTCHA image and uploads the same to CAPTCHA Typing Websites. These websites then lure people into typing these CAPTCHA by making fake promises of providing big money. After the CAPTCHA is entered, it is then returned and placed in the required field of the registration form.

This procedure thus enables hackers to bypass the CAPTCHA and create multiple Email accounts without any human intervention. Apart from creating email ID’s, there are many other reasons too for hackers to bypass CAPTCHA. This includes spamming forums, sending unsolicited messages to webmasters, etc. all of which are highly unethical if not illegal.

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Are CAPTCHA Typing Jobs Legal?

By working with CAPTCHA tying websites, you are actually assisting the wrong people. Though there is no explicit law which considers CAPTCHA typing to be illegal, this is certainly the most unethical thing to do.

Can You Really Make Money With CAPTCHA Typing?

Am sure there are people who do not mind making money the unethical way. So let me address this question as well. The fact is One Cannot Earn Money With CAPTCHA Typing Jobs. This I say for the following reasons

1. Pathetically Low Pay Rates

You may have come across many websites who claim to offer High Paying CAPTCHA Typing Jobs. However, once you register with them, you will realize pay rates are always between $0.2 – $1 per hour.

Now let us consider, you spend 8 hours a day typing CAPTCHA on a website with average pay rates of $0.8/1000 CAPTCHA. If you have excellent typing speed, you can type a maximum of 250 CAPTCHA per hour.

So in 8 hours, you can earn a maximum of $1.6. If you work for 25 days a month, your monthly earnings would be $40. After deducting your internet bills and electricity charges, your Net Profit would be less than $30.

Even in developing countries like India, a person without any skills can easily earn up to $100. So do you really think it is wise to work for such a low paying Job? If you can type in English, you certainly are capable of earning much more.

2. Low Chances Of Cashing Out Your Earnings

If the low pay rates are not enough, there is no guarantee that you can actually cash out your earnings. Most CAPTCHA typing websites have a ridiculous rule of banning users who enter “few” incorrect CAPTCHAs. If you are banned, you lose all your Earnings.

With my experience, I can say that 80-90 % people get banned before reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold. Banning people is just an easy excuse for denying payment. And you can simply not trust people to be ethical enough to pay you when they are promoting the unethical things.

Update: A lot of people seem to be enquiring about CAPTCHA club and want to know if CAPTCHA club is legit or scam. According to my research, CAPTCHAclub is a scam.

I say this as I have come across many people who say it demands a one-time fee of $40 to withdraw your earnings. While payment processing charges are for real, genuine money making programs like ClixSense and Fiverr deduct payment processing charges from your earnings and do not ask you to pay anything to cash out. Also, they explicitly mention the charges on their website.

Also, their Facebook page is flooded with the payment related complaints. Other CAPTCHA club reviews too, suggest that CAPTCHA club is a scam. So my advice is, do not waste your time and money with CAPTCHA club.

Final Words

CAPTCHA Entry is neither ethically correct nor will it make you rich. The only people who are actually benefitted by these type of work are CAPTCHA Typing websites and spammers. So do not waste your time, energy and money for it.

There are many Genuine Ways Of Making Money Online. Some of them may require you to have technical skills whereas others need just basic knowledge about the internet

If you do not have any technical skills, you can try ClixSense, which offers Micro Jobs as well as Surveys apart from paid advertisements.

ClixSense is more suitable for people from Tier 1 countries like US, UK, Canada, etc. as there are more surveys available for these countries and one can easily earn $100 per month by just working for about one hour per day.

Even people from developing countries can earn up to $2 an hour through Crowdflower tasks provided by ClixSense. For more information on how to make money with ClixSense, you can check my Review Of ClixSense

Alternately you can also try Legit Micro Jobs which will definitely pay you more than CAPTCHA Typing.

Please share this article and rate it with 5 stars so that Google promotes it up in the search Results. By doing so, you will be saving a lot of people from being a victim of this scam.

Also, if you have been a victim of CAPTCHA Scam, do share your experience in the comments below. You do not have to enter the website address.

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  1. pls tell me about this captcha is real or fake.

  2. Hi…I wrote a mail to team regarding part time job opportunity. But i received a reply to send the username or mail id of the person who recommends me and that person should be there in their community!.
    Is it really worthy?.

  3. Any reviews for

  4. Thank you for making this, I have seen these scammers and hackers lure so many people in with false promises about “Big money”. I will spread this around and hopefully wil stop some people from helping cyber criminals.

  5. how about are they legit? they hire me through

    • Hi Mackoy. As long as you have been hired through Upwork, it is safer as Upwork can interfere in case of any payment problems. Though, I must add, Upwork is usually more lenient towards client in case of any payment disputes. Also, I would suggest that you confirm with Upwork if CAPTCHA solving work violates their guidelines. If it does, Upwork may not help you much.

  6. Will you please tell me about “Captchaclub” Website.. It’s Real/Fake.. It will give Money r not.. Is there any Website to Earn Money by Online?
    Thank you.

  7. how about the ppm?do u know that business they said it is data entry, but there is a captcha typing in that?is is scam or not?

    • I am sorry Bren. I never heard about PPM. But if it’s about CAPTCHA typing and promises anything more than $1 -$2 per 1000 CAPTCHAs entered, it is more likely to be a scam. The business model of CAPTCHA typing cannot survive by paying anything more than this. And according to me, it is totally a waste of time to work for that pay rates.

  8. Thank you for your article…….I am having good typing speed, internet knowledge…..but i couldn’t find proper online genuine payment site…. please help in this regard..

    • Hi Gitanjali,

      You could try Top 5 Freelancing Websites for data entry jobs. But, data entry jobs are very hard to find mainly because a lot of people without sufficient knowledge about MS Office and Google Docs bid for these jobs resulting in low-quality work. So employers generally don’t prefer hiring freshers.

  9. What about captcha jobs on freelance websites like fiverr

    • Fiverr is a legitimate website. Generally, at Fiverr a freelancer posts what he can do for $5. He may offer CAPTCHA typing work too. But I am sure that will not find many takers. As for requirements posted by employer at Fiverr, if you find CAPTCHA typing work and if you find that the client is genuine and is paying good, you can go for it. Though CAPTCHA typing would still remain to be an unethical thing for me.

  10. thank you AQUIF SHAIKIH for this article it is completly true that CAPTCHA TYPING is scam base on my experrience. your getting bnned before reach the payment collecting stage.

  11. Hello, please can you refer me to any sincere online job that is legit

  12. i’d like to know if 2captcha and mega typer is also scam or ligal?

    • Hi Ida. As far as I know, these two websites are have paid few people. But as I said, most people will get blocked before withdrawing their earnings. So better stay away from it.

  13. Is any otherway to earn on online

  14. What is the correct website for making money by captcha or data entry….

    • As stated in my article, CAPTCHA Typing on any website is waste of time. As for data entry, you may try Upwork. But again, Data Entry is not just about typing. Unless you are Microsoft Certified professional, trying to get Data Entry jobs would be waste of time.

  15. Hi, is Megatypers a scam? Thanks

    • Hi Darielle. Megatypers does not fall into an outright scam category. From what I know some people do successfully cash out at MegaTypers. Though I am not 100% sure as I never tried myself. But one thing’s for sure, most people get banned on Megatypers before reaching minimum withdrawal amount.

      Also, pay rates of less than a dollar per hour is not worth your time anyways. So my suggestion would be to stay away from Megatypers and any CAPTCHA Typing jobs

  16. Is there any clixsense app for android mob to make money ?

  17. I lost 40$ and three months of hard work. Can any one tell how we can stop this fraudster from defrauding others, can any one help in guiding me to lodge a complaint to the appropriate authorities for taking action against them

    • Well, nothing much you could do unless you are from the same country where CAPTCHA Club is operating from. In that case, you can file a case with Cyber crime cell of the country. But I suppose it would be difficult to trace even their country of operation and most likely they must be operating from a country where there are no stringent cyber laws.

  18. Captcha club is Totally Fraud , Friends please don’t waste your time .

  19. Oh darn, I thought i had found a To good to be true….
    Thanks for telling!!!

  20. Makori Pascal Ongeri

    I was almost paying $40. Thanks a lot.

  21. Thanks. As I reached $100 in CAPTCHACLUB WEBSITE $40 was being asked to activate. Great escape after going through this article I gave up my mind of paying $40.

  22. it is fake. if you have earn $100 then they tell you that you have to deposit $40 first, and if u deposit then your account will be closed.

    • Yes, I know that CAPTCHA Club is fake. That is the reason I updated this article to inform people to stay away from it. Please share this article so that more and more people get aware of this scam.

  23. that’s completely true

  24. I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing this great article.

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