Fiverr Review: From Gig Seller As Well As Buyer’s Perspective

Fiverr is the latest trend in the freelancing industry. A lot of freelancers who could not find suitable jobs on Upwork And Freelancer.com are now hooking on to Fiverr to try their luck, as it is considered a "Relatively Easy" option.

In this Fiverr review, we will find out what Fiverr is and if it is here to stay in the coming years.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is essentially a freelance marketplace, where you can buy and sell services for $5 and hence the name "Fiverr". It started its operation in 2009 and since then it has grown exponentially. Micha Kaufman, CEO at Fiverr, in his interview to Techcrunch, had claimed that the freelancing website has completed over 25 Million transactions till date, one-third of which have come in last one year.

How To Register With Fiverr?

Unlike Upwork, Fiverr uses a single account system for both Freelancers as well as Buyers. Registration with Fiverr is simple and everyone can register with Fiverr without any manual verification process. 

So whether you are a buyer or a seller you can click the button below and hit the Join button

How Does Fiverr Work?

After signing up at Fiverr, a freelancer will have to create a "Gig". A Gig is nothing but a statement which tells your prospective client what services you are offering for $5. If you are expert at designing a logo, you can create a Gig like below.

I will design 2 magnificent logos for you.

The person or business who wants to get a logo designed can then search or browse through various Gigs for logo designing and if your Gig is attractive and matches his requirement, he will hire your services after depositing the required amount with Fiverr.

Once you complete the work, Fiverr will release your payment. Your client will then leave a rating for you, as per your service. If you provided your best services in stipulated time, he will leave a 5-star rating, which will be helpful for you to get more Jobs.

Similarly, you can also leave a rating for your buyer. These ratings will be helpful for sellers to judge the credentials of the buyer.

What Type Of Gigs Can I Create?

What Gigs you can create is only limited by your creativity and imagination. You can create any Gig for whatever you like as far as it follows Fiverr's Terms of Service.  A Gig may be a purely technical job like graphics designing, animation, programming, SEO or non-technical things like making prank calls, recording funny video, advertising for someone in unique ways and other simple yet creative things.

A Gig may be a purely technical job like graphics designing, animation, programming, SEO or non-technical things like making prank calls, recording funny video, advertising for someone in unique ways and other simple yet creative things.

In fact, Fiverr is more famous for the fun factor associated with its Gigs. There are many freelancers who make money just by being creative.

Check this Gig below

Fiverr Gig - Fruit Man

A guy saying out a message by wearing a fruit costume. Can you imagine this Gig being sold 157 times? Also, check the order in the queue which shows the popularity of this Gig.

What If Tasks Are Too Complicated For Selling At $5?

Though all the basic Gigs are priced at $5, Fiverr does allow freelancers to create "Gig Extras". You can use these Gig extras to provide additional features or faster delivery than stipulated time. Most sellers divide their services into various Gig extras so that you only pay for what you want.

Fiverr is also allowing Gigs in certain categories to be priced beyond $5 for a basic Gig. However, this feature is not available for all categories.  If you do not see such option, you can always offer Gig extras for an additional amount.

In addition, Fiverr also allows you to send custom quotes up to $1500. So there is flexibility provided that buyer contacts you.

Fiverr Levels

Fiverr has a level system for its sellers. Higher levels allow sellers to create more Gigs and offer more Gig Extras and Gig Multiples with each Gig.

The level system is also helpful for buyers as sellers at higher levels are usually most trustworthy than sellers at lower levels.

Below are the various levels at Fiverr along with their benefits

New Seller

Benefits available to New Seller

  • 7 Active Gigs
  • 2 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20)
  • 5 Gig Multiples

Level 1

Criteria for reaching Level 1

  • 30 days active on Fiverr
  • Completed at least 10 individual orders
  • Maintain a 4 star rating and above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits available to Level 1 seller

  • 15 Active Gigs
  • 4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)
  • 10 Gig Multiples

Level 2

Criteria for reaching Level 2

  • Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
  • Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits of Levels 2 seller

  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Priority customer support

Top Rated Seller

Criteria for being a Top Rated Seller

  • Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Have a low cancellation rate
  • Community leadership
  • Volume of sales

Benefits of a Top Rated Seller

  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Priority customer support

Fiverr Processing Fee

The processing fee is on the higher side at Fiverr. It charges 2% or $1 whichever is higher, as its fees. That means for completing a Gig, instead of $5, you will actually get $4 in your account which turns out to be 20% commission for Fiverr. This is way too much considering other websites like Upwork, who charge you just 10% Commission.

In addition to processing fees, Fiverr also charges you withdrawal fees of 2% or $1, whichever is lower.

Is Fiverr A Scam?

A lot of sellers have complained that Fiverr bans them stating that they have violated its T&C conditions. However, Fiverr does not give details about the same.

Also, if you are banned, you can withdraw your earnings only after 90 days. Some sellers even claim that they are not able to withdraw their earnings even after 90 days.

While such complaints do raise doubts over the credibility of Fiverr, it is certainly not a scam. You cannot ignore the fact that thousands of people are making their living out of Fiverr without any complaints. Even I have sold Gigs on Fiverr and had no issues with the payment.

Also, Fiverr is known to favor the sellers in case of any disputes. This is because, if they offer you refund, they lose their 20% commission. This definitely does not go well with buyers.

So Fiverr does have problems for both buyers and sellers. It is unethical whether it is about banning sellers without disclosing the reason or favoring sellers to make sure they get their commission. But it certainly is not a scam.

Advantages Of Fiverr For A Freelancer Or Seller

1. Since Gigs are valued only at $5, a lot of people switch to Fiverr for completing basic tasks and hence it is easier to get freelance work.

2. You do not need to have any technical skills to sell on Fiverr. Anyone with creativity can earn money with Fiverr.

3. You actually get paid to do things which you love to do. So you can make money while having fun.

4. At Fiverr, buyers search you for your Gig. This makes sure get more exposure as against other freelance websites where mostly you have to search for a buyer for your services.

5. You can do marketing for your Gig on social media to get more orders.

Disadvantages Of Fiverr As A Seller

1.  You have no control over the Gigs you chose. When someone buys your Gig, it gets automatically accepted by the system.

2. Fiverr Rating system is questionable. If you have a lot of people wrongly buying your Gigs which are not relevant, you may end up with a negative rating, if you do not complete them. Even if you refund the amount and ask your buyer to leave a positive rating, it does show up in your canceled orders.

3. If you are new to Fiverr trying to sell a popular Gig being that is being offered by many other sellers, your Gig may never be visible to the clients.

4. Commission charged by Fiverr is very high considering the fact that most people just purchase the basic Gigs of $5

5. You can withdraw your earnings only after 14 days of receiving the payment which Fiverr claims to be for safety purpose, in the case of any issue being raised by the buyer.

6. Fiverr can ban you without giving any reason if they feel you violate their T&C. This will hurt more for top rated sellers who worked really hard to get good ratings to his account.

Advantages Of Fiverr As a Buyer

1. If $5 is all your budget is,  you can get better services at Fiverr, than Upwork or other Freelance websites, where the quality of service you get, would be way below an acceptable level for this price tag.

2. If you do not get satisfying results, $5 is all you lose.

3. Fiverr offers a variety of Gigs for you to choose from.

Disadvantages of Fiverr As A Buyer

1. A lot of sellers offer a cash back to the buyer in case if they are not happy with the services. Most buyers prefer a refund and leave a positive feedback for the seller resulting in higher ratings for non-deserving sellers.

This does show up in canceled orders, but as discussed earlier, it is difficult to make out if the order was canceled due to Buyer's fault or seller's fault.

2. A lot of people buy fake reviews by asking their friends to purchase Gigs and then provide them a 5-star rating. This way they just lose $1 (Plus Processing charges), as Fiverr pays them $4 back. This further makes the rating system unreliable.

3. Fiverr is full of spammers. If you are blogger looking to hire SEO services for cheap at Fiverr, you will end up messing up your website with Spam traffic through bots and low-quality backlinks. You may even end up getting a Google penalty because of it.

Final Words

Every freelance website has its pros and cons and Fiverr is no exception. If you are a freelancer, you have nothing to lose by creating a Gig at Fiverr. And if your idea is creative enough, you may just end up earning much more than you would have imagined. There are many freelancers who are earning over $ 1 Lac per month at Fiverr.

However, as a buyer, you need to very careful while choosing a Gig. Though there is a risk factor involved with every freelance website or even with real-life contracts, the risk factors are more with Fiverr as it favors the seller in case of disputes. On the positive side, it's all about $5.

Overall for me, as a seller, it is worth your time. And if you do not have any technical knowledge, Fiverr is the best way of making money for you

Have any good or bad experiences with Fiverr as a buyer or seller? Do share with us too.

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Shopnil - March 16, 2018

Hey Aquif,

Thanks For telling about Fiverr.I joined Fiverr 6 month ago but I do not get any orders, can you suggest me any tips for getting orders?


    Aquif Shaikh - March 17, 2018

    Shopnil, you must use the keywords in your Fiverr Title as well as text. In addition, make sure to offer services at cheap rates to get started. This will help you get first few orders. Once you start getting orders, if you can manage good reviews, you will get many repeat orders. You can then either provide add-ons for full service or increase the base price.

anahita - February 9, 2018

I think fiver is not valuing freelancers, exploiting those in poor countries and is really undervaluing time and investment. Well you get what you pay for I guess, it depends on how serious you are about your business. Freelancers don’t be slaves, charge the worth of your work and time! Business owners, don’t skimp on your design and marketing, these are crucial elements.

    Aquif Shaikh - February 9, 2018

    Anahita, the debate of Freelancer vs Business owners is never-ending. And it’s not just on Fiverr. It’s the same on Upwork or Freelancer.com or even in offline contracts. At times the business owners exploit freelancers by not paying them what they deserve and sometimes not paying at all.

    But there are also freelancers who deliver shabby work and then cry foul when they are not paid. So, there are always two sides of a coin.

    The only negative with Fiverr is that unlike Upwork, you cannot filter out clients whom you find to be unworthy. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can hire you and you cannot do anything about it. But to be fair, it’s also easier to get work on Fiverr than Upwork.

      Tony - February 12, 2018

      You have reason, many Bangladesh But there are also freelancers who deliver shabby work and then cry foul when they are not paid. they are not professionals but they have many stars thanks to ignorant entrepreneurs who then have to redo the job!

Kate - January 18, 2018

My experience has been good! Just choose from top rated or level 2 sellers to reduce the risks of getting ripped off. My go to designer is premiumencore and I always get high quality work for the lowest price.

Bengt - December 19, 2017

A few weeks ago, I told Fiverr that a seller has misrepresentations in his profile.The seller advertises with certificates that do not exist. I have provided evidence to Fiverr.
But Fiverr does nothing!
How can I trust that other profiles are correct?

sean - November 7, 2017

Fiverr isn’t a scam, but it’s customer service is! I have tried repeatedly over the past month to contact the designer I have been working with on a website and I am constantly told I’m a robot, constantly told to change my password, which I do, constantly am tested with road signs, etc., adn yet I can NOT get into the site. I get idiotic communications from the site’s “customer idiots”, but sstill can’t get in. I WOULD DEFINTELY NEVER USE FIVERR AGAIN, AND I RECOMMEND OTHER TAKE HEED!

    Aquif Shaikh - November 7, 2017

    Hi Sean,

    I do agree that a lot of people had a problem with customer support of Fiverr and I am in no way trying to defend them. But the issue that you are facing is usually triggered when the server detects a bad browser or a spam IP or an infected computer. Even my website uses security measures that filter away bad browsers and often verifies the Login page.

    I suggest that you try accessing your Fiverr account from a different computer using a different internet connection and see if the problem persists.

Ali Raza - September 7, 2017

Thanks Aquif for mentioning my blog post, I really appreciate your gesture. I have best wishes for you and your blog.

Will T. - August 7, 2017

We are a nonprofit that paid a designer to do a logo for us. He sent over terrible quality designs that were completely different from what we asked for while our manager was coming back from vacation.

The designer didn’t respond to our requests and then deleted his account. Since it was out of the “3-day window” Fiverr washed their hands of the matter – actual response from their customer service representative “Alex”:

“Your order got completed automatically, 3 days after delivery since you didn’t reject the order or asked for a revision in that time period. Unfortunately, your seller is no longer a member of our Fiverr community so we cannot reach him to get back to you with the Logo design.”

He then goes on to literally give us tips:

“The next time you’re browsing Fiverr, here are a few suggestions to help you on your next purchase:”

What a terrible, condescending, unfriendly company. It’s been 3 months and we still have zero content we paid because Fiverr doesn’t care.

    Aquif Shaikh - August 7, 2017

    Sorry to know that you had a bad experience with Fiverr. But in my honest opinion, it was more of seller’s fault than Fiverr. Every company has its refund policy and Fiverr is no different.

    As a buyer, you were required to reject the design when the buyer refused to reply to your emails. If Fiverr still refused to refund your money, it would have been a different thing altogether.

    If there are fraud sellers, there are fraud buyers too. What if seller’s design was good and the buyer wanted to take advantage by not paying the seller?

    Not saying that you are in the wrong. And not trying to defend Fiverr either. Just trying to share my honest opinion in this case.

FairyCandles - August 3, 2017

I hired ECCOMMERCEXPERT1 from Fiverr to make my online store and we agreed on the beginning for the specific content which was to make a store in another language. I provide them with all the language material. At the end they just google translated it, never used any material I provided them with and they left horrible mess of a store that I can’t really use now. I was messaging them and contacting and all they were saying were lies such as we are not in the office, wait for couple of days etc. etc. and Then we came to the point that I couldn’t cancel the order anymore because ti has been to long since the order was made. Total rip off!!

    Aquif Shaikh - August 3, 2017

    That does happen a lot on Fiverr. You must always check the credibility of the sellers before hiring them.

    And for critical projects, I always suggest using Upwork as it is more friendly to employers.

Murtaza - July 2, 2017

Nice Review Aquif Bro.
I dnt know about freelancers but i think Fiverr is best for buyers, I have Been using it fro 3 months and Its just Awesome.
And even if the task is not completed by the seller or we Are not satisfied then even we dnt have to lose $5, as we can raise dispute in Fiverr and they will return $5 back.

Wilhelmina - June 17, 2017

How do I see people who are available to do a business logo?

    Aquif Shaikh - June 17, 2017

    Hello Wilhelmina,

    You can find the freelancers either by navigating to the desired category or searching for the same using the search option on the website.

Jenny Lerew - May 12, 2017

Give me a break. $5 services?! This is an insult to entrepreneurs.

    Aquif Shaikh - May 12, 2017

    It’s your perspective Jenny. A lot of people earn living out of it. Moreover some gigs take just few minutes to complete. So the pay rate turns out to be more than $5/hour.

      PeterK - October 11, 2017

      My daughter uses Fiveer and literally makes hundreds of US$s per month! It works. like any business, it has its sortcomings, but these are far less than its upside. Thanks a lot Aquif.

        Aquif Shaikh - October 11, 2017

        Good to know, Peter. I am sure there are many others who make living out of Fiverr. It’s far from perfect, but good enough for most people.


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