Future Of Freelancing : Shocking Facts Which You Never Knew

We all know that Freelance Jobs are the need of Future. I have already covered How To Earn Money As Freelancer and the Top 5 Websites For Finding Freelance Jobs. However while doing my usual research i came across some facts about Future Of Freelancing which shocked me. So i though of sharing it as it will surely be an inspiration for aspiring Freelancers.


There was a time when people preferred freelancing for getting extra income over regular Jobs. It was also considered an ideal means of earning pocket-money for students and for housewives to make most of their leisure time. And there were people for whom freelancing jobs were their bread and butter though they disliked it. Only few people actually took up Freelancing as career choice.

According to US Government Accountability Office(GOA)  report of the year 1995, there were 32.2% Freelancers across the United States out of which daily wage workers formed a major chunk. This figure had been consistent for the next decade.  In-fact the figures actually declined to 30.6% in 2005 which indicates the fact that people never consider Freelancing as their first choice.


Over the past  decade, things have changed drastically. The recession of 2008, left many people Jobless around the Globe. This led people get over the notion that “Traditional Jobs are Secure”. With a considerable amount of world population left Jobless, People started moving towards Freelancing to earn their livelihood.

Websites like Odesk , Elance and Freelance.com started gaining popularity (Odesk, Elance and Upwork now merged into one entity Upwork.com). With no Earning limits, freelancing became the first preference for many talented individuals who started earning many folds than they could earn with Regular Jobs.

With the ever-changing technology, people started spending more on Cell-phones, Television and other Gadgets. Also with the rise of social Media Network like Facebook  people started getting more particular about Fashion. As a result their spending needs started increasing at a greater rate than increment in their salaries. This made people think out of the box. Freelancing was the obvious choice for the most .

Some of them started freelancing with Regular Jobs, others quit their “Not-so-good-paying-Jobs” to switch to full-time Freelancing which offered better pay rates along with ability to manage one’s time more efficiently. The success of these people inspired many others to consider the otherwise not-so-obvious choice of taking up freelancing as career.

According to the latest US GAO report released in May 2015, Freelancers formed 40.4% of the total US workforce. As in the case of earlier US GAO reports, these reports took into account Daily Wage workers too. So the figure may not be very accurate.


Future Of Freelancing

In July 2015, Edelman Berland, an independent research firm released findings of a Survey carried out for Upwork and Freelancers Union. The key-findings of this survey is very encouraging for the aspiring freelancers

  1. According to the survey, around 53.7 Million Americans  are working as Freelancers which is around 34% of the total workforce.
  2. Around 60% of Americans who left traditional Jobs for a Freelance career, now earn more than the traditional Jobs. Out of this 78% respondents confirmed that they started earning more than their salary within the first year of switching to Freelance Career
  3. 50% of Freelancers said, they would not switch back to Traditional Jobs no matter how much it paid
  4. 83% Freelancers said, things will get better from hereon with regards to their freelancing career.
  5. 60% Freelancers confirmed, they switched to Freelancing by choice rather than necessity
  6. 51% of the respondents said they have found freelance jobs online as against 42% in 2014.

Traditional Vs Freelance JobsThe above figures are an indication that Freelancing Industry is only going to move upwards from here on. If a Report released by Intuit is to be believed, by 2020 around 40% Americans will switch to Freelancing. According to Various estimates, by 2025, Freelancers will outnumber traditional Job seekers.


The impact of freelancing has been seen more in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines, where  the Pay scale for regular jobs is abysmal. A large number of people who started as freelancers have established their own company by Hiring people locally and are now earning good profits.

Digitization of the world and more awareness of Freelancing Jobs continue to attract youths from the Developing nations to Freelancing websites where the talented individuals get paid much more than what top companies could pay them for a regular job. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer have provided them an ideal platform to make most of their talent.

However, in countries like India, Freelancing is still frowned upon and considered to be for those who are not able to secure a Regular Job. The lack of knowledge about how and where to get Freelance Jobs only makes things worse. There is still lot of potential to grow here as the regular still pay much less than the global pay standards. The sooner people realize the potential and benefits of freelancing Jobs, the more they can make out of it.


With Global economy showing signs of plunging to newer lows, Job security with traditional Jobs will be a big question. As we have seen during 2008 recession, freelancing industry is going to get more competitive this time.

However, this time developing nations are expected to lead the trend. Due to ever-increasing unemployment in developing countries and the fact that there is still a big gap between the pay scale in developed and developing countries, the freelancing trend is only going to pick up from here.

What do you think about Future of Freelancing Industry? Do share your views with us

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yes, freelancing is the most reliable and it’s becoming popular day by day


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