GetResponse Review: Is It The Best Email Marketing Tool?

With the internet, the world of online market has grown and has even helped business houses to expand and realize unexplored portions of the market. In order to market their business, while most of the business owners hire a professional marketing team, some of them look for inexpensive methods of marketing.

One of the most known and effective methods of marketing your business is by way of an amazing application Get Response. This tool ensures that your business is performing appropriately and is catering maximum needs of the market. So, before you actually start using this app, let’s get to know more about it in this GetResponse Review

GetResponse - Top Features

In order to help you know more about the tool, we have brought forth some of the interesting features of this tool, which will help business owners and other customers know more about the tool and understand about its various benefits.

Variety of Templates

Get Response has the collection of over 600 customizable templates which can be used for creating email newsletters. With the use of these templates, business owners can expect to attract the attention of readers and make them know more about the company.

One of the best things about these templates is that they can all be edited using WYSIWYG editor. It has a drag and drop feature and moreover, the user need not have to be an expert in using HTML templates to customize it as per their requirement.

GetResponse Newsletter Templates

Build your Landing Page

Along with customized templates, GetResponse also gives users the option to create good email newsletters and landing page builder. The company has in store collection of over 100 landing page templates which can be customized as per the needs of business houses. So, business owners can opt for any kind of landing page they wish to have and attract customers towards the online market.

GetResponse Landing Pages

Split Testing

It is one of the best features of GetResponse which enables the user to test the effectiveness of a template or landing page. It can be difficult for the user to appropriately choose template and landing page, but the choice made can be thoroughly tested for their response amongst customers.

The split testing feature provides business houses real-time data of the response. Users have the option of checking response for 5 variants of template simultaneously.

Preview of Inbox

The inbox preview option available with GetResponse gives the company add-on benefit of seeing how the newsletter will appear in the inbox of subscribers. This way companies using GetResponse will be able to check their newsletters and remove errors if any. These errors can be easily spotted, rectified and all of this can be amazingly done before the email reaches out to subscribers to their mailbox.

Spam Checking Tool

SpamCop is one of the most effective GetResponse tools which help online business owners keep a check on the words which have been blocked by subscribers. Those words marked as spam can be replaced by companies with a new set of words that are more acceptable to the customers and can help them reach the inbox of prospective customers.

Undoubtedly this tool does wonders for business houses, as it gives them a sure short way of reaching to emails of customers thus increasing their chances of getting noticed in the online market.

Import your Contacts

The contacts can be easily imported only using Excel spreadsheets. For subscribers who have unsubscribed emails, they will be automatically deleted from the list. Business owners can even add new email contacts to their list or can edit their email ids as per the requirement.

Approach learning center to know more about GetResponse

Understanding GetResponse is not at all a difficult thing to do. The tool has made sure to answer every question of users, by putting up an FAQ section. Along with it, you also have a learning center which provides adequate knowledge to you. This learning center contains a number of video tutorials which is enough to understand the working of GetResponse.

Integration with Different Pages

Different landing and webinar pages or email newsletters can be connected to different social media pages. One can even link Google Analytics account to their landing pages. Webinar pages or emails newsletters such that appropriate performance stats can be made and analyzed.

Webinar Tool

Business owners using the tool can conduct various webinar sessions using webinar tools. A customized Webinar URL can also be created, to ensure that it is accessed by limited people who are attending Webinar. The number of attendees attending such Webinar video will depend on the package you have purchased from GetResponse tool.

Responsive Designs

The templates available with GetResponse works appropriately well with different kinds of browsers and mobile devices. This is not all, these templates fit every screen size by making some small adjustment.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The interface of this tool is quite user-friendly and can be accessed by almost everyone. Users making use of this tool can easily access different options using dashboard. Thus, GetResponse is just perfect for both small and large-scale organizations.

GetResponse Dashboard


The autoresponder available in GetResponse lets business owners reach to subscribers and their new customers. Hence, as and when a new customer subscribes to your email, they are welcomed with greeting text on an auto-generated email.

GetResponse Autoresponders

Complete Analysis and Reports

Associating with GetResponse, you have access to reports, which contains complete details of the performance of newsletters on customers. These reports are presented in the form of table and graph. You can simply download them and use it for your reference. The reports presented to you contains a list of unsubscribers, clicks, new entries, performance link etc. which might be of much use to the business house.

Packages And Prices

This tool has not even disappointed the business owners when it comes to pricing. Affordable packages are available with the company which can be accessed by users from all around the world. Each package has been created to cater the need of various users.

The minimum package of the company starts from USD 15 per month wherein newsletters are sent to 1000 subscribers. If one wishes to add webinar tool, the package will be extended to USD 49 per month wherein 5000 newsletters can be sent to subscribers.

For companies who have a long list of subscribers, then it is preferable that they opt for the Max plan which will comes at a cost of USD 165 per month. In this package, one can send newsletters to 10,000 subscribers.

For companies, with an even higher number of subscribers than 100000, they can approach GetResponse for customized package options.

GetResponse Pricing

Free Trial

You can also get a free unrestricted trial of GetResponse for 30 Days. No credit card is required to avail the trial. So there is no risk of being charged if you forget to cancel the trial. If you liked the product, you can purchase it anytime. To get the free trial, visit the link below.

Final Words

GetResponse is just the perfect tool to opt for, especially if you are looking for options to increase your visibility in the online market. The amazing set of features available with the tool enables you to stay connected with clients and customers based around the world.

Moreover, once you are using Get Response branding and promotion is no more a difficult task to do. Business houses can easily get away with the need of hiring too many employees for marketing, as all of it is taken care of by the stunning GetResponse marketing tool. So, it is totally up to you, which tool you choose for the branding of your business.

Are you using GetResponse? Do share your views about GetResponse with us.

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