Hostinger Black Friday Deals And Cyber Monday Offers 2018

Hostinger Black Friday Sale is one of the most awaited sales of the year. During this period you can get huge discounts on Hostinger Products.

So let us find out what special discounts you can get with the Hosting Black Friday Deals in 2018. For ease, I have made a summary table of the deals. If you want to read the details of the sale, you read this article further.

Hostinger Black Friday Deals At A Glance

Offer Date




Deal Link

To Be Announced

Shared Hosting

Up to 90%


Cloud Hosting



VPS Hosting



Hostinger Black Friday Offers Summary

Like other web hosting companies, Hostinger too offers steep discounts during the Black Friday Sale. However, Hostinger is yet to disclose their offers for the Black Friday Hostinger Sale.

We will update this section as and when the Hostinger Black Friday Deal is made public. However, to just give you an idea, during the last year's Black Friday sale, Hostinger offered massive discounts of up to 90%.

This year too, I am expecting Hostinger to come up with equally awesome Black Friday Hostinger Offers. So if you can wait till Black Friday you can expect to get some exciting offers from Hostinger.

History Of Hostinger

Hostinger is a relatively unknown brand. It started operations way back in 2004 as Hosting Media. However, only in 2011, did they launch the Hostinger brand.

As per the official website, Hostinger had over 29 Million users as of January 2017. They also claim to add a whopping 15,000 signups each day.

Hostinger has been largely popular because of their price tag which is very cheap as compared to other hosting companies. Time and again, the company runs special offers like the Hostinger Black Friday Deal which makes their pricing even more attractive.

Which Hostinger Plan Should I get?

Like most hosting companies, Hostinger too offers several products. Hence most newbies are confused about what exact plan they should get for their blogs or business.

So, let us go through the various products offered by Hostinger, in brief.

1. Web Hosting Or Shared Hosting Plans

The Shared Hosting Plans are the cheapest plans you can get at Hostinger. As the name suggests, with the shared hosting plan, you will be sharing the server as well as its resources with several other websites.

If you are just starting your website or manage a website that gets a low amount of traffic, shared hosting should be ideal for you. However, if you are planning to host an E-commerce website, even if it's low traffic or a new website, shared hosting is not the best option as it is less secure.

Hostinger offers three different shared hosting plans. As per the information available on Hostinger website, these plans differ in terms of features as well as available server resources.

a. Single Hosting Plan

The single hosting plan allows you to host one single website and create one single Email account. So if you want to host multiple websites, this plan is not for you.

Also, there is a restriction on Bandwidth which is limited to 100GB. However, this should be sufficient for most low to medium traffic websites especially if you are using a CDN.

However, the major concern with the Single hosting plan is the server resources including Disk Space, RAM and Processing power, which is the lowest with this plan as per the Hostinger Website. So, overall this plan is suitable only for websites which get a low amount of traffic.

Free domain is not included with this plan for any duration. You will also have to shell out a one time fee for getting SSL as well as a monthly fee for daily backups.

b. Premium Shared Hosting

The premium shared hosting is suitable for you if you want to host multiple websites. The bandwidth is also unmetered. Of course, fair usage policy does (FUP) apply to the Bandwidth.

As per the sales page on Hosting Website, the Premium shared hosting plan doubles the amount of server resources as compared to the Single Hosting Plan. So you get more disk space, RAM and Processing power.

You also get a free domain name with the Annual Premium Shared Hosting. Weekly backups are free while Daily backups, as well as SSL, will still cost extra.

c. Business Shared Hosting

The Business Shared Hosting plan is the highest and the costliest shared hosting plan at Hostinger. This plan is suitable for medium traffic websites.

With the Business Shared Hosting plan, Hostinger claims to provide you 4 times the disk space, RAM and processing power as compared to the Single Shared Hosting Plan.  You also get free daily backups and SSL certificates.

Like the Premium Shared Hosting Plan, a free domain is included with the Annual Business Shared Hosting Plan. Below is the pricing of all the Hosting Shared Hosting Plans that does reflect the special pricing for Hostinger Black Friday Deal.

Below is the regular pricing of all the Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans. Please note the Hostinger Black Friday deal is not applied to this pricing

Hostinger Shared Hosting

2. Cloud Hosting

Hostinger also provides Fully Managed Cloud Hosting plans that come with their proprietary hPanel. Although, on a cloud hosting you still share the server with several other hosting companies, your website will be hosted on a virtual environment with dedicated server resources.

Since the server resources are not shared with any other websites on the server, Cloud Hosting is ideal for E-commerce websites as well as bloggers and businesses who manage medium to high traffic websites.

Hostinger provides three different Cloud Hosting Plans. The only difference between these plans is the server resources you get which include Storage Space, RAM, CPU Cores and Bandwidth.

The basic plan called the Cloud Startup plan gets you 40 GB Disk space, 3 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and 2000 GB Bandwidth while Cloud Enterprise plan which is the topmost plan will get you 160 GB Disk space, 12 GB RAM, 6 CPU cores and 8000 GB Bandwidth.

You get a dedicated IP with each of the three plans. Daily Backups and SSL certificates are also included with all the plans.

You can check out the Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans below. The Hostinger Black Friday Deal if at all applicable to this plan will bring the below pricing further down.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

3. VPS Hosting

Apart from Cloud Hosting, Hostinger also offers Unmanaged VPS hosting which is the traditional VPS and does not use the Cloud Infra. Like with Cloud Hosting, even though the same server is shared with several users, the server resources are dedicated.

The VPS Hosting is ideal for developers who need root access to have better control over their server configuration. You can get servers that come pre-installed with an OS of your choice.

The available OS includes CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Scientific Linux and Ubuntu. You also get some of the OS pre-installed with cPanel, Webuzo, Webmin among other options.

However, the cPanel/WHM license is not included in the pricing nor does Hostinger sell it. You can buy your own cPanel license to use it with your VPS once the free cPanel trial expires.

Final Words

Hostinger as such is very cheap. However, with the Hostinger Black Friday Deal, it does turn out to be one of the cheapest options you can get. 

So, if you are looking for cheap hosting along with affordable renewable pricing, Hostinger should be a good option. However, if you are looking for a solid hosting, you can consider getting the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal. For cloud hosting, you can consider the using the Cloudways Black Friday Coupon to avail discounts on their already cheap Cloud Hosting Plans.

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