Register And Verify Paypal Account In India Without Credit Card

After registering with PayPal India, you can start sending money straightaway. However, to be able to withdraw money from PayPal, you need to verify your account. This guide will show you how to register and verify PayPal account in India if you do not have a credit card.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service which helps people transfer money electronically. It is considered to be the safest and the most trusted method of sending and receiving money online.

PayPal is more commonly used for making online payments where you may not want to share your credit card or bank account details due to security reasons.

PayPal India is the Indian wing of PayPal Holdings, Inc. and is governed by Indian laws. It is therefore mandatory for PayPal India to verify your PayPal account as per Indian government directives before you can receive payment.

Why Do We Need To Register With Paypal?

Below are the advantages of registering with PayPal

  1. You can send payments online without revealing your credit card and bank account details
  2. You can use debit card to make payments
  3. Bloggers and Freelancers can receive payment from overseas clients.

Requirements For Opening An Account With PayPal India

To verify a PayPal account in India, the following things are a must.

  1. Valid Pan Card. (You should register your PayPal account with the same name as in your PAN Card)
  2. Working bank account with the same name as mentioned in PAN Card

That means if you are registering at PayPal with name “Mahesh Sharma”, you should have a valid PAN card and Bank account, both registered with the name “Mahesh Sharma”

If you do not have either of the above, you can use details of a family member who has both. But PayPal account should then be registered in his name

Steps to Create and Verify PayPal Account In India

Step 1: Open the Sign Up page of PayPal. Click on Individual Account and click continue

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 2: Enter your country, Email Address, and Password

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 3: Fill up your Name and Date of Birth as it is mentioned on your PAN card. Fill your correct Address and Mobile Number. Enter the CAPTCHA correctly and click on “Agree and Create Account”

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 4: Enter your credit card or debit card number if you want to use PayPal for making payments or Shopping. If you do not have credit card/debit card or if you are going to use PayPal only for receiving money click on “I’ll Link My Card Later”

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 5: Your account is now created. Click on “Go to Your Account” at the bottom of page for further steps

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 6: Once you login to your account, within few second you will see a notification on the right side as shown in the pic below. Click on the notification

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 7: After clicking the notification, you will be greeted with the following screen asking you to verify your PAN Number, Email, and Bank Account. You will also have to enter purpose for creating account. First click on “Start” button in front of Provide PAN

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 8: Enter your PAN Card number correctly and click on “Submit”.  On submission, if you entered correct details, you will get a message that PAN card has been successfully verified. If you get errors, that means you did not enter correct PAN Card number. In such cases, re-enter your PAN card details correctly.

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 9: Now, either click back button or click on “Go back to tasks page”. The next step is to verify bank account. Click on Add Bank Account.  Now enter all the Bank Account details. Your bank account name should be same as your name on PAN card else your verification will be rejected. For NEFT IFSC Code of your Bank Branch Click Here.

Double check if the data you entered is correct as PayPal will verify the bank account by depositing 2 small amounts into your account. You will have to enter the same after they are deposited to your bank account. It usually takes 4-5 working days to get the amount in your Bank Account.

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 10: Now select Add Purpose Code. You will be greeted wit the following screen. From the drop down select “Advertising and Market Research” and click Save.

Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card

Step 11: Next we have to verify email Address. For this, log in to your Email ID. Open the Confirmation email received from PayPal and click on the confirmation link. You will be asked to enter the password for PayPal. Enter it.

Now you will have to wait for PayPal to deposit the 2 amounts into your bank account.

Step 12: Once you get the 2 amounts deposited by PayPal in your bank account, login to PayPal. You will get an option to verify bank account on the home page. Click on it and enter the two amounts received and click submit. That’s it. Your Account is now verified and ready to use for receiving Money.

Final Words

Registering with PayPal India is very easy. But a few people are confused how to verify it. However, using this guide you can easily very your account with PayPal India.

If you face any difficulty, please let us know through the comment form below.

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Naveed - August 21, 2017

Which purpose code should I enter if I am earning money via online Micro JObs?
Thanks for your informations.

    Aquif Shaikh - August 21, 2017

    Purpose codes are kind of vague. RBI probably did not keep in mind Bloggers and other Freelance workers before designing the purpose code. Anyways, you can select “Business and Management Consultancy” as your purpose code.

    Unless you are receiving thousands of dollars to your account, it should not be a big issue.

sonu raj - July 2, 2017

I don’t hv pan card ……wht i hv to do….????

    Aquif Shaikh - July 2, 2017

    PAN card is compulsory for opening PayPal account in India. If you are minor and cannot get PAN card, then you can open an account in the name of your parents or siblings.

Farhad Kunto - November 10, 2016

Do you think it would be a good idea to get a USA verified PayPal from Auction Essistance?

    Aquif Shaikh - November 11, 2016

    I don’t think you should go for it unless you have a strong reason to. It will only complicate things for you.

Ramesh - September 3, 2016

PayPal has nearly 5% transaction fees can you please post a thread about PayPal alternative sites with their transaction fees percentage it will be very helpfull.
thanks for your work bro

    Aquif Shaikh - September 4, 2016

    Hi Ramesh,

    Paypal transaction fees depend on the terms negotiated by the merchant website you are receiving payments from. For some websites, it is as low as 2%, while for others it can be 5% or even more. I will definitely consider writing a detailed review about PayPal Alternatives too.

    Meanwhile, you can try Payza as well as Payoneer. However, not all online websites offer this mode of payment and in most cases, the transaction fees for PayPal turns out to be the lowest.

      Ehsan - September 30, 2016

      I have a USA verified paypal account. In this case if I login to paypal from my country, which doesn’t support paypal, will that affect my paypal account?
      Should i use vpn when I purchase product from amazon?

        Aquif Shaikh - October 1, 2016

        As long as you have a verified account, any purchase you make will not be affected provided PayPal accepts your mode of payment. Amazon would be least concerned about where the payment is coming from.


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