Top 20 YouTube Video Ideas To Make Money Online In 2017

Making YouTube videos is one of the best ways to Make Money Online while doing things you love the most. To earn a decent income with YouTube, you must be able to get a lot of subscribers and viewers to your YouTube channel. However, most  people cannot think of good YouTube video ideas that can grab the attention of people.

With growing competition, it is very difficult to get viewers for your YouTube video. So the question is what kind of videos should one make to earn a decent number of views? We will find out the same in this article. This article is also useful for those who are looking for first YouTube video ideas

For those who do not know, how to make money with YouTube, I have already written an article on How To Monetize With YouTube videos. Do not forget to check it out.

Top YouTube Video Ideas

Below are the top ideas which you can use to make your first YouTube video or add new videos to your channel.

1.  Make Cooking YouTube Video

A way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach

If the above saying is to be believed, cooking videos will always be in demand. With more people getting access to the internet, nobody wants to wait to see a recipe for their favorite dish on television. With YouTube, people have the option of checking a couple of recipes before trying out one themselves.

So if you can cook good food and have good presentation skills, you can surely earn good money by making Cooking Videos. Here’s a video from my favorite YouTube cooking channel VahChef, showing how to making Pizza. I simply love his presentation skills.

2. Make YouTube Video For Foodies

Being a big time foodie myself, I love watching reviews of the favorite restaurant in my city and also about foods people eat around the world. And am sure, there are much more people like me.

This is the reason YouTube videos revolving around food receive a lot of views and if the video is about Indian street food, you may get more views than you could ever imagine. Am sure only few could resist watching this video about Indian street food which got 2.2 Million views in just 5 months and still counting

3. Make Gadget Review Videos

Are you a tech-savvy person who buys new cell phones and gadgets regularly? Start reviewing the gadgets you buy. You could probably earn enough to recover your buying cost.  Reviewing the newly launched gadgets can draw a significant amount views.

And if you manage to regularly get a lot of views to your videos, you may even be paid by companies for reviewing their Products. Here’s a sample video of Galaxy S6/ S6 edge review

4. Review Popular Books

Not a Tech Savvy person, but an avid reader? Make a video sharing your views about the latest book you read. Make sure the book you review is new and popular.

It may not be very easy to make a video without revealing too much of the story, but if you are used to reading a lot of book reviews, then you know exactly what to talk about and what not to.

5. Make Videos Of You Unboxing Products You Bought Online

Bought a clothing, or accessories or toys? Make a video of yourself unboxing it and then sharing your honest views about the product. If the product is good and if you bought it online, you can Include your Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal affiliate link to that product. Now, whenever someone buys it using your link, you earn a commission.

Here’s a video from YouTube which shows a guy unboxing Rolex watch.

6. Create “How To”  Videos

As the name suggests, you can make video teaching people “How To” do certain things. This is a very vast topic. You can teach absolutely anything. From complicated tutorials like repairing a computer or a bike to simple things like removing stains from clothes, you can create a video for virtually anything.

Here’s a video teaching you how to make paper Guns which actually shoots. An interesting one I must say.

7. Create Screencast Videos

Screencasting is nothing but recording your computer screen. You can create tutorial videos of using certain computer applications or websites by recording your computer screen while using the same.

Softwares such as Photoshop, AutoCad etc. can be really tough to handle even for those who have basic knowledge about them. Most people look for YouTube tutorials for same and so you can easily get a lot of views.

Apart from Tutorials, you can also make screencast videos of you reviewing certain websites or Softwares. The best thing about screencast videos is that you do not have to be in front of the camera. So if you are not comfortable facing the camera, you can surely try screencasting.

Here’s a sample Photoshop Screencast Video

8. Make Online Tutorial Videos

Online tutorials are gaining a lot of popularity since it enables you to learn things easily without referring books. Whether you are a teacher with knowledge of a particular subject or a marketing professional, a software programmer or SEO expert, you can create video tutorials of yourself teaching people what you know the best.

There are millions of people exploring the internet for knowledge. If you are good enough at imparting your knowledge, you may help others to learn while making quick bucks for yourself.

Here’s a video about how to create a website

9. “Play A Prank” YouTube Videos

Prank videos can sometimes go really viral. Make a video of you playing a prank on your friend, colleague, sibling or your better half and record their reactions. You can either take a help from someone to record the video or use spy cams, which are available for very cheap at Amazon and Flipkart

And if you have the guts, you may even play pranks with strangers on road. Check out this video. As the video says, do not imitate this prank.

10. Create Prank Fail Videos

If prank videos can get you a lot of viewers, prank fail videos can get you, even more, viewers as it can turn out to be funnier. However, not every day, a prank fails. So creating prank fail videos cannot be easy.

However, you may enact such fails to look real. Here’s one such prank gone wrong YouTube video.

11. Make Videos Of Your Travelling Experience

Do you always have your bags packed for traveling? If the answer is yes, then you can make videos of your journey and upload it to YouTube. Be it journey by car, by train or on a bike, you could always record your experiences about the journey at regular intervals and create a YouTube video out of it.

Below is an example of a biker’s journey to the Himalayas. That will give you an idea about how you should narrate your experience about the journey.

12. Share Your Views About Trending Topics

You can make a video of you, sharing your views about a trending topic. Be it about politics, a celebrity, sports or the latest news, just search on Google Trends for the most searched topic on the internet and record your views about the same.

Trending topics are more likely to get more views. And if you can make a controversial video about a highly debatable topic, there are every chance that your video may go viral.

However, since you will be competing directly with big news channels, you need to have a huge following on social media to whom you can promote the video

13. Make Mimicry Videos

If you have the talent to mimic celebrities, you may just be famous. Funny mimicry  videos are more likely to be shared on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter and can make your video go viral.

14. Ask Random People About Their Life’s Experiences

You do not always have to Interview a celebrity. You can interview a person you meet on the train or an elderly person sitting on a park bench all alone. Everyone has their own story to tell.

And for me it is not just about making money, it’s about inspiring others. It’s a kind of social service. Here is one such video

15. Ask Random Questions To People Down The Street

You can also ask random questions to people down the street and make a video of it. In fact, if you are from India, such videos are in trend right now and can get you a huge number of subscribers.

Just pick up the most debatable topic and ask people about their views regarding the same. Of course, this is not something every can do since it needs you to be extremely extrovert, but if you can do it, and do it the right way, you sure can become a celebrity overnight.

Here’s one such video from “Being Indian”. And yep, that is one of my favorite YouTube Channel.

16. Interview Bloggers And Other YouTubers

If you are a blogger or new to YouTube, you can interview fellow bloggers and YouTubers. Interviewing famous bloggers and YouTubers can give you instant fame and get you a lot of subscribers.

17. Make Videos Of Cute Babies

YouTube is full of videos with cute babies. And still, every new video gets a good number of views. This is mainly because people of every age group loves such videos and so they are extensively shared on social media.

The below video of a cute baby is one of my favorite.

18. Fitness Related Videos

Whether you are a dietitian, a gym instructor or aerobics expert, you can make a YouTube Channel which helps people to stay fit.

Depending on what you are good at, you can suggest various diet plans, workout techniques and supplements to help them stay fit. A dietitian may partner up with a gym instructor and vice versa, to provide a complete solution to the viewers.

19. Home Remedy Videos

A lot of people these days are looking for natural therapies for curing diseases, as they do not have any side effects. You can make videos of various remedies for curing complicated diseases like diabetes which are not completely curable by medical Science but many people have claimed being cured by natural therapies.

You can also make videos on how to make Home Made Facial packs or how to reduce weight naturally.

Here’s a video showing how to make Cough Syrup at home.

20. Make Videos About Latest Controversial Issues

If you are someone who loves debating and taking a stand about important and controversial issues, instead of sharing your thoughts directly on social media, you could record a video about the same and share on social media.

Since you are talking about a controversial topic, people who agree with your view and even who don’t will end up watching your video. However do make sure you do not violate any laws in an attempt to get more visitors.

Final Words

While there may be hundreds of Ideas to make a good YouTube video, I have pointed out the Top 20 YouTube Video Ideas which draw a lot of visitors. While you should not copy what others are doing, you can always take inspiration from others to make your own video.

I hope you find this article to be useful. For more such articles, do subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

If you have more ideas for making YouTube Videos that you would like to share with us, feel free to comment below.

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